How to Be Sexy

Being Sexy is not an easy task. It takes a great deal of dedication to your body, your clothing selection, and your attitude. When a woman has all these elements working together she can be confident that sexy will shine through with little effort. A sexy woman exudes a personality of confidence, power, and control in her life. She will never seek approval of others because she looks great and knows it. So how does one achieve being sexy? What is sexy? Who determines what constitutes sexy? We will discuss the concept of sexy and how it is achieved.

A Sexy Body

A sexy body is one that is proportioned to the individual. This does not mean that a woman measuring 36-24-36 has the perfect body. This is clearly a myth as each person’s ability to look great is defined by another person’s taste in beauty and style. We are all different and each of us has the ability to be sexy. There is someone for all of us; it is up to each person to define themselves and be comfortable in their own skin.

Show Enough to Stimulate the Imagination

How is sexy defined? This depends on best features and how they are used. Each of us has a self imagine which must agree with the real image. This means that the way an individual sees themselves agrees with how other see them. In order for a woman to take advantage of her best features she must correctly define herself image and know that others agree. Once this has been clearly defined a woman can accentuate those features and bring attention to them in a sexy way. Can you remember a time when you saw another person and in your mind they really looked hot? What was it that made that individual stand out? You probably didn’t know it, but that person took advantage of their body assets and used them to make a statement. That’s what caused your imagination to take over. You wanted more! A sexy dress, sexy sets, lingerie, or a gown that shows a person’s sexy assets is all it takes in the clothing line. If you wear baggy poorly fitting clothing that do nothing to show off those sexy features you will definitely get an opposite reaction. Do you agree?

Red and Black Sexy Clothing

So many women use the sexy black dress because it makes them appear thinner than they might be. However, if a person has very light skin they might look pale in black. As a result it might not be a good choice for a redhead with very light skin. You can see that in your mind can’t you? On the other hand, a woman of color would look so sexy in a white dress. You can see that in your imagination as well? How about the woman in a sexy red dress? Is red the color of romance or the color of famine threat to girl friends. Dress selection should be complementary to your features and nothing more. Find those favorable features and use the dress to show those feature off in a positive way.

What To Know About Makeup

All women want to be beautiful, and countless hours are spent on this endeavor. Many simply make too many mistakes in the application of their makeup and don’t know it. For example, Bright red lipstick is not for everyone. In fact, many studies suggest that soft pinks and natural color will have a bigger impact. One key factor when deciding on your lipstick should be skin tone. For example, light shades of red should be used by women who have pale skin. Women who have medium skin tones should consider pinks and brown undertones. Finally, dark skin tones should consider wine-colored pinks. Using the wrong colored eyeliner is a mistake often made, yet most of the ladies don’t realize it and no one tells them because they don’t want to hurt the woman’s feelings. Black eyeliner is too harsh for dark skin tones. Light brown for light to medium skin tones are great. Wearing too much of a bronzer on your face is another mistake. When applied correctly, the application of the bronzer should simulate the number three on both sides of your face. These are but a few examples of things to consider.

Sexy Heels Can Complete Any Outfit

Women’s shoes are a staple in closest across the country. They are not simply an accessory to footwear but are a key element to a women’s confidence. Especially sexy are the high heels which are made in variety of sizes, heel heights, and color to fit any personality. The heel improves on a women’s posture and make sexy stocking stand out. Wearing sexy shoes allows a woman to express herself without crossing social barriers. Conservatism can be left at the door so to speak. Women can express her artistic side and sensuality depending on the shoe selection. Finally, men like to see a lady wearing a sexy shoe. So shoes are an easy item to bring out the sexy side.

Final Thoughts

There are many ways a woman can feel sexy. Being sexy is not all about how a woman looks, rather how she portrays herself as an individual. Confidence is a very large part of sexy. With the right combinations a woman is guaranteed to display herself in an envious position around other women and she will be positively noticed. Finally, good health and exercise will keep a woman looking great and provides a great life style well into the golden years. All ages can be sexy; it just takes a little effort.

Buying Sexy Lingerie Online

Sexy lingerie can leave any woman feeling sexy and looking great. Lingerie is a luxurious treat for any woman who wants to feel great and sexy. From the finest silk to the soft satin different sexy costumes were designed to suit a woman’s taste for lingerie. Sexy lingerie is a fantastic gift to give a girlfriend or a wife. The sexy costumes lately are becoming bolder and more provocative. It has been one of a woman’s prized possessions and is now an important part of her wardrobe.

The sexy costumes are made from various material styles from silk, satin, lace, cotton velvet and even leather. They are seductive, sexy and stimulate the imagination. Men are enjoying the fact that such sexy customs are out in the market. Sexy lingerie can perk up relationships. The partner’s sexual desires get more exciting when their woman is wearing such sexy customs.
Sexy lingerie can boost up a woman’s personality. If you think you are wearing something comfortable and good your self confidence is on a high.

Sexy lingerie can be bought on the internet. You can visit a lot of websites displaying the different sexy costumes. What is great about buying online is that you can buy this sexy lingerie on great deals. You can jump from one website to another to know who is giving the best offers. Many sites will offer wholesale lingerie at great discounts and prices. While others offer retail prices on different items like bra, panties, etc. It is always best to buy wholesale lingerie. You can compare prices from different sellers from different sites and choose the best deal for you.

The selling of these sexy costumes online has been luring more and more women to go for something sexy instead of wearing ordinary underwear. Online buying of wholesale lingerie saves you the time from going to store to another just to find the wholesale lingerie that suits you. With the thousands of websites to go over with, you can choose the one you like best. There is nothing better than browsing the internet rather than going through the throng of crowds at the shopping mall.

Ladies who want to show off their bodies can choose from various apparels for wholesale lingerie. This wholesale lingerie of sexy costumes has been designed not only for women with perfect bodies and figures. With the high demand for sexy lingerie these wholesale lingerie are now also available for women of any size and shape. It gives women a sort of status symbol wearing something sexy and seductive.

If you want to feel sexy and good, be alluring, bold and provocative let your sexy lingerie speak for you. This is the modern world more and more women are going for these sexy costumes. They want to be daring as they can be. They want men to notice them, see how hot they are.

Of course, with all these sexy costumes a word of precaution for those who are buying online. You have to make sure that your seller is real and that you will be receiving the product you are buying. You just cannot think sexy but you have to be careful as well.


Are you sexy, hot, the cat’s meow, all that, and a bag of chips? It’s a lot – and you might think it’s a crazy thing to think about. Whatever this question triggers, I want you to think about it and let it massage your mind. Then answer the question honestly. Do you think you’re sexy? And, who do you think you are? These questions are meant to be taken in a positive way without judgement and tone. What I mean is, who am I speaking to? Who are you intuitively? Do you have the confidence to say you’re sexy proudly? Is who you are so clear you don’t have to say anything? If you’re confident about your sexuality, it’ll be clear to everyone and it will get reverberated back at you in your world.

Here’s another question for you – have you ever experienced a moment in your life when you’re feeling so sexy you hear it whispered in the wind? It’s just who you are at that present instance. You know you’re the cat’s meow, all that, and a bag of chips. You’re sexy. And, you get to say it and feel it for yourself.

So again, who you think you are can be translated to read, me for example: I’m a woman, I’m black, I’m tall, I’m English, I’m a Confidence and Self-esteem Coach, I’m the daughter of Mr. and Ms. Johnson, I’m 5’8″. Who do you think you are has nothing to do with that. It’s important for you to know exactly who you are from the crown of your head to the tips of your toes. You don’t need anyone telling you what or who you are. That’s the kind of “who do you think you are?” that I’m interested in. However, that’s not to say that those descriptions aren’t interesting. They’re the kinds of facts you share with people when you first meet them. Somewhat boring and mundane; not the “meat and potatoes” of who you are facts.

What makes you sexy, the cat’s meow, all that, and a bag of chips? If you can’t answer this question truthfully for yourself, you might have an issue with sexiness. If you think the statement is presumptuous, consider you might have an issue with being sexy. If you agree with this statement, good for you! What is it that makes some people appear sexy and attractive and others not? Is it confidence? Is it feeling good about themselves? Or are they just plain ole sexy? Do you think you’re sexy? And, if so, what’s sexy about you? After all, it’s how you feel about yourself.

Sexy has come a long way. Back in the 1930s, ankles were considered sexy. In some cases, women would be hidden by a long curtain where only the ankles were exposed, and, of course, they would be judged by men. There was a time when women’s bodies were covered pretty much from head to toe. Women went swimming in long dresses, and sometimes, in pants, tights, and dresses, where every part of the body was covered.

However, a breakthrough was made when, in 1907, Annette Kellerman, a woman who dared to wear her short one-piece swimsuit (bodysuit) for a swimming competition in Boston, was arrested for indecent exposure. Annette faced a judge for her arrest and the judge who tried her case agreed that the suits at the time were cumbersome and not good for exercise. Because of the verdict, Annette Kellerman went on to design bathing suits that were more adequate for swimming, but they took a decade to catch on.

Women’s clothes have come a long way where now we’re showing a lot of flesh and modesty, is, for the most part, a thing of the past. Today, we wear less and less clothing and expose more and more of our bodies and share less and less of who we are as human beings. Confidence is the new black. Confidence is being able to stand up for what you believe in. Sexy, for me, is being confident, honoring your word and believing that you love your life and you love yourself. Sexy is saying that you do what you say you will. Being sexy is not the only thing that creates a good relationship with yourself or others. Sexy is a word that’s used for a lot of ideas and representations, e.g. that’s a sexy job, that’s a sexy car, etc. Today, I think sexy is relative; you’ll see what we would deem a beautiful woman walking down the street with what would be deemed an unattractive man and they’re happy. You, in turn, would see a man that looks like a God walking down the street with a woman who’s considered overweight and unattractive, and, in both cases, people would ask what’s up with that. Beauty and sexiness are in the eye of the beholder. Sexy is someone who gets you because you get yourself. Sexy is a reflection of your confidence; someone you can hold a wonderful conversation and communicate with well.

Today, you get to say what is sexy for you. It’s none of your business what people or the media says about you as a person. Your way of being is sexy. Size, shape, or form has nothing to do with what sexy is for you. I think what’s considered sexy in popular magazines is out of date. They’re not marketing to the masses; they’re marketing to a few demographics that might not have as much confidence due to age and where they are in the world. I believe confidence and sexy go hand-in-hand, and when you have confidence, you’re sexy. When you walk into a room and you light up the place with your confidence, you’re sexy. When you’re a pleasure to be around, you’re sexy. When people have crushes on you because you bring the love and light and you create a space that people love to be around, you’re sexy.

Little back story. I went out with a male friend. When I got in his car, he said to me, “You look sexy tonight.” I replied, “Thank you. Just tonight? Honey, I’m sexy all the time.” He said, “who told you that?” I replied, “I did.” He then said, “You’re not sexy until I tell you you are.” I laughed. I also told him, “I’m like a self-cleaning oven. I create the sexy that I am. It’s called confidence and love of self.”

Sexy is made up of the following:

  • It’s sexy to know what it is that you love about your life and that you can speak up for it. No matter what it is you love. It yours; you honor it and that is sexy.
  • Passion is sexy. Knowing what you’re passionate about and being able to share your passion without forcing it upon people; sharing it as joy and excitement is a very sexy thing
  • Being able to know what your interests are and being able to share them is also very sexy

What are you proud of? You have to feel proud of yourself and that you’re happy with your life. Your happiness is contagious. You can be proud that you keep even the smallest promise. You’re happy and know that people are motivated by people they trust; that in itself is sexy. You know that you’re the kind of person that people can count on.

To that end, it’s important you create yourself the way you see yourself. That you’re sexy and confident or confident and sexy; the order doesn’t matter. Don’t allow others to determine who you are. The way you feel about yourself speaks volumes. When you’re happy about yourself and you can go from good to great about yourself and people know, like, and trust you, you can become whoever you say you are.

So I ask this question again. Are you sexy? The answer is HELL YEAH!

Love yourself. Until next time!